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Eden, Part 10

Summary: Captain Cid Highwind has been alone in the forest, injured, starving - when he finds Eden, a place of beauty and sustenance. Little does he realize, that every pleasure to be gained here has it's price.
Warnings: Totally AU and OOC. Dubious consent, super kink, and wangst. You know how we do. Unbeta'ed because I'm easily distracted by rocket bison.
Disclaimer: Square Enix owns Cid and Vincent, the rest is sadly our own mad-cap invention XD
Notes: Posted for zombie_cheese. She had a shit day, and still she managed to make me smile, and come up with the title.

The forest greeted Cid with quiet dignity. Birds and insects chirped in the distance. The wind was still. The air there was cold and bitterly chill, without a trace of warmth. It seemed so very unlike the forest Vincent had shown him.

Cid heads confidentally in the direction of where he knows, knows, the lake to be, having walked and flown the path many a time. But while he might know his way, he feels far less confident about what he's going to say, what he's going to do when he sees Vincent.
... He really should have thought about this a bit more first.

As he walks, true to Cid's intuition, the lake materialises - but not as he remembered it.
It was dark here, and cold, like all life had fled the place. The enormous majestic tree which had once bourne the traitorous fruit looked withered and stooped, it's branches thin and sharp, the leaves either gone or dried with death. The fruit littered ground, rotting, but strangely smelling quite sweet, succulent, like they were still trying to entice the nknowing passers-by. The lake which had once glimmered with purety and glowed with something ethereal, lit by fireflies and magic, was still, and brackish; thick, poisoned. This place looked years older, instead of mere days, weeks... lost, forgotten.

In fact, the only thing that still glowed with magic was the brown-haired woman clothed in light, who swung from a swing on the tree. She looked up at Cid's approach, and she smiled at him.


Cid comes to an uncertain halt, feeling an unpleasant chill at the sight of the place, and, more specifically, the woman.

"Uh...." he manages to say. "....Hey." He nervously hitches his duffel higher over his shoulder.
She gets to her feet, and approaches Cid at a leisurely place. She looks much different than she had in the orb - in Vincent's memory. More at peace.

"Hello, Cid," she says, smiling in way that let him know they were old friends. "Have you come to take him home?"

Cid doesn't completely understand. Why is she here? What did she mean? What had happened? But his tongue doesn't seem to need his brain's permission to work.

"I left him. I didn't mean te, but I did. I've come back fer 'im. I miss 'im, and I think he needs me.... Thought he needed me too... But... Why're you here? What's goin' on?"

Her smile never wavers. "You're right. He does need you. His heart is broken. He misses you. He loves you." She takes Cid's hand in her own, and her touch is cool and almost not there. "I will dwell here forever. But he doesn't have to. Please. Come take him home." She begins to lead him to the water's edge.

Cid's feet are like his tongue, acting without thinking about it, and he follows her. He drops his bag and pulls off his goggles and scarf and jacket, stripping as he moves towards the unpleasant water's edge. All he can think about is what she's said. Vincent's heart is broken.
Vincent had been right. Cid had hurt him again.

With guilt like an anchor in the pit of his belly, Cid stops by the edge of the lake, and looks to Lucrecia. "Is there a trick to it?"

She dimples for him. "Don't ever stop, Cid. Don't ever stop. Keep swimming until you don't have breathe, until your body screams - trust in him, he'll catch you." She looks away, and opens her arm. Another smaller form, engulfed in light too, runs up to her side. The child smiles shyly up at first his mother than Cid; his hair was long and white, his eyes a piercing green. Lucretia spares her son a smile, before turning back to Cid. "Go. Go to him. Love him - the way we no longer can. Give him this," she says, pressing a small pearl into Cid's hand. "Goodbye, Cid. And thank you... thank you for setting us free... all of us..."

As Cid watches, the smiling light-beings are swept away like petals in a fierce wind, their grins lingering as their bodies became nothing but bright, sparkling stars pinned to the sky.
Cid stares at the spot the were for a long time.

Finally, he looks at the pearl still in his hand, then down at the water. He finishes stripping and then, before he can change his mind, he tries to open his mind to Vincent, and dives in.
The water is grimy, and too dark and thick to peer into. Weeds and unnameable things cling to his body and slip away.

In the cavern below, in the darkness, nothing stirs.

Cid grits his teeth and pushes past the muck, into more muck, but he doesn't stop. He goes deeper and deeper, unimaginably so until he begins to think he'll pass through the ceiling before Vincent can fetch him.

So deep that he's beginning to get to the point of no return.

Panic starts to set in, but he pushes it away. He'd abandoned Vincent once. He knows this is his last chance.

He trusts Vincent. He trusts Vincent... He..... is running out of air.

Without any warning whatsoever, Cid plummets not down through water, but down through the cavern's ceiling, and into an enormous mound of cushions and pillows and blankets, cushioning his fall.

Inside, it's dark and cold. There are only two lit candles. It is silent.

Cid drops into the nest, coughing and gasping like he's trying to hack-up a lung, his whole body shaking from shock, fear, exhaustion and the cold.

Finally he calms, realising he isn't drowned, isn't still in the water. He raises shakily to his legs and looks around, frantic to find Vincent.

".... Vince?"

"..... get out."

Cid turns around, trying to find the source of the voice.

"Vincent, Jesus. Where are you, I can't see shit."

"Get out. I don't want you here." The voice is embittered, half snarl.

Cid wipes water from his face and hair, looking around for a towel, a fur, something to possibly half dry himself on and hide his nudity, suddenly wishing he'd left his clothes on.

"Ye well, s'pose I'll just let m'self out the front door. Ye know, I always enjoy almost killin' myself te NOT see those I care about."

"I hope you die," he hisses.

Cid scoffs, and picks up a candle, and moves about the cave, taking in what he can see.
"Bet ye do. S'why ye just let me in 'ere now."

Unable to reply to that, he says nothing.

As Cid moves about the cave with his candle, gradually, he comes upon the dim figure of Vincent curled up in a massive chair, rugged up in spill upon spill of blankets, hunched and evil-looking with his long ragged black hair.

It hurts, seeing Vincent like that. It hurts to know he'll probably have his head bitten off (maybe even literally) if he tried to reach out, to touch him.

God he missed touching Vincent.

"Hey," Cid said softly in way of greeting, and knelt down by the chair, putting the candle carefully aside. "Hey you. I hate what ye done te the place."

"What do you want," Vincent demands, voice low and thick. He refuses to even look at Cid.

Cid decides to throw caution to the wind. He rests his hand on Vincent's knee.

"You. I came back fer you." He drops the pearl on the blanket.

Vincent's heart skips a beat as he watches the flawless pearl roll in the blanket. He takes it up in his trembling hand, and seems to study it, before closing his hand on it.

"How...?" He whispers hoarsely, struck through. "Of all the ways you could think of to hurt me, how did you choose this one? No one knows, no one. Just she and I. Why couldn't you have just left me alone down here? Isn't that good enough for you?" He bows over, hitching with silent emotion.

Cid stands, fluidly, and to hell with any protests, picks Vincent up, blankets and all, into his arms. He turns them about so he can sit in the chair, and cuddles Vincent in his lap, against him, holding the delicate head against his shoulder.

"Shhh, I got you now. 'M so sorry, Vincent. Why did ye change me back? Why did ye push me away? I wanted free, but not of you, goddamnit"

"Stop it, just stop it!" He shrieks, raking and pushing at Cid, rejecting him. "You lied! You lied to me! Why are you doing this to me?" He finally sobs. "Do you think this is funny? Get off of me...!"

Cid lets Vincent tear and push at him, enduring it with a patience grimace until he finally reaches up and catches the delicate wrists in a strong, large hand.

"Don't Vince, don't. Ye sent me away. I came back because I missed you. I came back because I need ye. I came back... because ye need me too. Look at me, look at me damnit."

Vincent's head snaps up, tangled hair in his face, hateful eyes dark and full of tears, his mouth a stern and bitter bow. "I don't need you, I don't need anybody! You just came back because... because nobody wants you! Nobody loves you! Let go of me!" He says, a last ditch effort to push Cid away. It's pathetic as far as attacks go.

Frustrated, Cid changes his grip from Vincent's hands to his face, lifting the head up and forcing them to make eye contact.

"My friends want me back in 3 days, or they'll tear this whole place apart. That's how much they love me. They didn't want me to come here again. But I did.

... Because that's how much I love you. I want you with me when I go back to our roundevouz."
In his eyes is all the proof of what he felt - hurt, and afraid, and angry. But he tears his face away before he can betray anything else.

"Like Hell you do," he says sullenly, swallowing. "What, so you can pawn me off like some... some whore, some party favor? You should have listened to your friends. You should have never come back here," he finishes, softly. And then softer, so quiet he may as well be talking to himself, "I never should have made you promise. I never should have let you fly."

"I'm sorry," Cid says, heartfelt, wretched with his own guilt, but refusing to let that swamp him and lose Vincent to it. "I hurt ye, I'm sorry. But 'm back now. Come away with me. Ye don't need this place. What's keepin' ye here? Nothin' but yer misery. They're gone, Vincent. They gave me that pearl, and they've gone. Aint it time ye moved on too?"

"I don't want to get hurt again," Vincent sobs, caving, going limp in Cid's lap. "I don't want to go with you, I don't want to be hurt, I just want to stay here... and sleep..." He sighs heavily, voice hitching with tears.

Cid feels a panic, a desperateness much like when he thought he was going to drown in the lake. He's losing Vincent.

"Ye can't!" He begs, brushing away matted hair from the pretty face, petting Vincent obsessively. "I need you. I need you. Please, live with me. I wont ever hurt ye again, i promise. I promise. I love ye, Vince. Yer my little Valentine, please...!"

Slowly, Vincent curls up in Cid's arms, in his lap, against him. He doesn't understand. Why would Cid do this? Why would he come back for him? Why would he plead so urgently with him? Why does he want him, why does he love him? He wants to make Cid promise again, but is afraid of more lies. Afraid that he'll believe in Cid, afraid that he'll lose him again. It's never worth it.

... is it?

His hands go to Cid and cling to him. "... I love you," he says, finally.

Cid sobs, a tension snapping within him. He yanks Vincent close, burying his face in the dark hair, clinging to the tiny creature in his arms, his broad shoulders hitching.

"Love ye too, damnit. Love ye too. Promise ye'll come with me. Please."

He swallows. "I promise. I promise I'll come with you. I'll follow you anywhere. I love you. I'm so sorry, I love you. Please. Take me home, Cid. I want to go home with you."

Cid hugs Vincent tighter, almost painfully so, breaking with relief and gratitude.

After a while he turns his head and starts bestowing kisses on Vincent's head, hair, cheek, moving until he can find the soft, wet mouth and he kisses it too, over and over, tugging Vincent in closer against his damp, naked body.

A thick heavy fur settles across Cid's broad shoulders, lovingly place there by invisible hands.

"You have... three days... until the rendezvous...?" Vincent asks breathlessly, between obsessive kisses.

Cid manages to grin into the kisses, and presses their brows together, his eyes lighting with a mischeviousness.

"Yeah... Three days, just you, an me... We'll have te entertain ourselves some'ow..."
Vincent gives him a small, uncertain smile, and puts a hand to Cid's cold cheek.

"... I'm sure we can come up with something." He presses his mouth to Cid's, but this time it's tender, and yearning.

Cid returns the kiss, curling them up together. He untangles the blankets and manages to wrap a cacoon of warmth about them, giving him free access to Vincent's form.

He teases Vincent, slow at first, waiting until he' wiped away all doubts from the creature's mind with lust, before carrying them to the bed and making hard, passionate love together on the furs. He convinces Vincent to lighten the place up, and afterward they take a long, hot bath, and Cid fucks Vincent again.

The spend two and a half lazy days doing little else but enjoying each other's bodies, eating, talking, bathing and sleeping.

When the rendezvous comes around, Vincent materialises them not far from the edge of the forrest, and they walk the rest of the way, hand in hand, Cid excited and confident, Vincent looking it, but inwardly feeling anxious, worried of Cid's friend's reactions, worried of what this new life will bring, just worried. Until he looks over to Cid, and Cid looks back at him, and grins, his blue eyes bright and carefree and full of fond adoration. How could Vincent have doubts with a look like that?

As they came near the clearing, Cid could see someone was already there, waiting. He picked up the pace.

Byron turns around, hearing someone approach, dropping his cigarette on the ground and hastily pressing it out before advancing on Cid. He grins, sweeping Cid up against him. "Christ, I was so fucking worried...! I thought you... ah Hell, what does it matter! I'm just glad you're okay - and apparently telling the truth." The big chef pulls away, and quirks his mouth up at Vincent, who is the picture of shyness. "Vincent, right...?"

Vincent nods.

"Well, ah, it's nice to meet you, ma'am." He sticks out his hand, but Vincent just flushes and mutters something, turning towards Cid.

Cid laughs uproaringly.

"Vince's a bloke, Byron," Cid corrects, running a fond hand over Vincent's hair, brushing it back from the pretty face. "Vincent, this is Byron. He's somethin' of an idiot, but he's m'best friend regardless."

"Nice intro, asshole," Byron snaps at Cid good-naturedly, grinning all the same, and extends his hand again. Vincent cautiously moves to take his hand in turn, but the larger man turns it over and presses his mouth to Vincent's knuckles, his eyes rolling up to Vincent's. "It's a pleasure, beautiful," the cook offers graciously, voice low.

"... I'm Cid's," Vincent says quietly, but firmly. "He's going to take me home."

"Ah," Byron says, withdrawing. "I see, it's like that." He looks to Cid questioningly. "No wonder you were in such a hurry to get back. I wasn't aware that you, um..." Byron gestures vaguely, trying not to insult the stranger in their midst.

Cid tugs Vincent in against his side by the waist, possessive, but he's still smiling, too overjoyed to have Vincent and his old life back to care much about Byron's assumptions.

"Don't sweat it. But we are, so touch 'im an' ye'll have te teach yerself te cook an' take photo's with a full body cast on."

"He's not," Vincent says abruptly, a vaguely smug expression touches his mouth and brow. "I'm just special."

Byron bursts out laughing, and claps Vincent on the shoulder. "Ahahaha! Obviously, obviously! So, you ever been in a plane before?" He leaves his hand on Vincent, as if to challenge Cid's threat.

Vincent shakes his head. "But Cid has, many times."

Cid smiles and leans in to Vincent's ear, nuzzling his cheek. "Wanna fly 'ome?"

Byron coughs, turning away, the gesture too intimate for him.

Vincent returns the cuddling. "I'd love to."

Cid throws the back of Byron's head a dark, triumphant look, and then looks back at Vincent, his features softening with affection.

"Follow me, an' this time, I'll give you wings."

And he did.



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Jun. 14th, 2010 07:00 am (UTC)
Ahahaha! Thanks, glad someone else can enjoy them! <3

Jun. 14th, 2010 09:14 pm (UTC)
AWESOME! LOVED the story, loved the idea of it, the imagination and the hotness and LOVED the bittersweetness! <33333
Jun. 15th, 2010 02:11 am (UTC)
So glad to hear it! I'm a fan of the idea myself, really, and the sex is always hotter than hot. :3

Bittersweet is our bread and butter!
Jun. 14th, 2010 09:44 pm (UTC)
She did have a shit day and now she feels sooooooooooooooo much better XD LOVE LOVE LOVE xxxxxxxxxx
Jun. 15th, 2010 02:12 am (UTC)
AWESOMESAUCE. So happy to hear it. <3 You don't deserve shite days.

FUCK YEAH LOVE *high fives a shark*
Jun. 8th, 2015 01:59 pm (UTC)
I think it's finally time I comment on these amazing stories, because I've been stalking them for some time now, telling myself I should comment. Because you both deserve the praise - these fics are awesome. I love your smut so much, it's the kind of lewdness and explicit content I love ; )

I understand that it's been a few years since this last fic, but it would have been great to read more from you.

Thanks so much for sharing these : D
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