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Eden, Part 8

Summary: Captain Cid Highwind has been alone in the forest, injured, starving - when he finds Eden, a place of beauty and sustenance. Little does he realize, that every pleasure to be gained here has it's price.
Warnings: Totally AU and OOC. Dubious consent, super kink, and wangst. You know how we do. Unbeta'ed because I'm easily distracted by rocket bison.
Disclaimer: Square Enix owns Cid and Vincent, the rest is sadly our own mad-cap invention XD
Notes: Posted for zombie_cheese. She had a shit day, and still she managed to make me smile, and come up with the title.

Cid sleeps for a good long while, and Vincent leaves him to pace the chamber anxiously, worrying his claws. His clothes shift color and form as he broods, making him look cloaked in roiling clouds, in tune with his mood. He has to do something. He has to come to a conclusion, and soon. What was happening? What should he do? He had to be brutally honest with himself.

After grueling hours of debate with himself, of outright wars against his every desire and common sense and the right thing to do, he finally looked back towards the bed, and still, sleeping creature there. His young god. Adonis.

He watched him, for a very long time. And then, he crawled in beside him, and delicately, oh so delicately, curled up against him, putting an arm across the broad chest.
He'd made his decision.

Cid sleepily curled about his new bedpartner, whether conscious or not entirely, was hard to tell.

He slept for a couple more hours before finally drifting awake. He blinked sleepy eyes and looked down at the creature he spooned, and couldn't help a fond smile ghosting his lips.
Vincent had fallen asleep within minutes of being wrapped up in Cid's arms, and remained so now, exhausted by the work he'd done the night before, and not having fed.

Cid watched the creature sleep, and wondered what he was going to do. Everything had changed since he'd smashed that orb - since Vincent had cum during sex. And Cid wasn't entirely sure it was a good change. Sure, there were benefits, and last night had been an especially good one.

But Vincent seemed to be wanning. He'd lost his cocky, self-assured arrogance, and while Cid had thought the nymph needed a change in attitude, this melancholy and withdrawal hadn't quite been what he meant.

And then there was the matter of growing far too protective of, and infatuated with, Vincent.
"What 'm I gonna do 'bout you, eh?" Cid mumbled, petting the soft black hair back from the pretty face.

Vincent's brow creased, but only briefly, and he made a sound of annoyance and turned his face into Cid, tugging himself in against him, tighter. In his dreams, a golden eagle snatched the diamonds from his hair roughly, and crushed them one by one.

Cid smiled wider now, won over by Vincent's child-like nature as he slept. He brushed his fingertips over a cheek, and started to murmur the words to a song he could only half remember, something about a starry night and a beautiful Vincent.

Vincent's hold on Cid relaxed, and he sighed contentedly. Even asleep, he heard the song, the tender voice, and it made his body flood with warmth.

Cid gave up half way through, unable to remember all the words, and feeling silly making up the lyrics. Either way, it seem the murmured song had done the trick, and Vincent was much more at ease.

Cid carefully reached over and found his book near the bed, and his cigarettes. He made himself comfortable in the bed with a fag and his novel, allowing Vincent to remain curled to him as the water nymph slept.

Vincent slept for another hour or so before lazily coming awake, and stretching luxuriously against Cid before going limp against him and heaving a sigh.


"Afternoon," Cid both greeted and corrected, looking down from his book with a smile.
"Feelin' better?"

"Mhm," Vincent says absently. "Are you hungry?"

Cid put his book aside, and scratched under his chin thoughtfully.

"...Yeah, reckon I could eat somethin'.... You?" He asked, looking back at his host, his blue eyes dancing knowingly.

Vincent drops his eyes and flushes, mumbling something about not being hungry. He began to climb out of bed. "What are you in the mood for?"

Cid sits up, and starts to pull off his shirt.

"How's 'bout some maple syrup?"

Vincent gives him a wry smile over his shoulder as he goes to a water basin. "What, and nothing else? Just maple soup?" He turns away, amused, and grabs up two handfuls of water, gathering his hair up and pinning it with the water, now cleverly turned into combs of silver and pearl. He gathers up another handful, and smooths it down his body, fashioning for himself a pale, pale grey kimono, the obi a glimmering silver.

Cid sighs, sprawling shirtless in the bed and resting his head on his fist.

"Well not anymore. Yer dressed now.... Let's have us some bacon an' hashbrowns."

Vincent laughs, hoping he doesn't sound as nervous or awkward as he feels, and goes to the table and kneels. Holding his long sleeve out of the way, he traces the symbols on the table and conjures up the meal - with settings for two. He glances at Cid lounging topless and powerful in the bed and tries not to be an idiot.

"What, you don't expect me to serve you breakfast in bed, do you?"

Cid gives Vincent a wicked, wolf-like grin then.

"Nah. But I was thinkin' of offerin' yer breakfast in bed instead."

Cid slides his hand down his belly, and undoes the fly of his pants.

Vincent looks away sharply, unable to control the action - embarassed not by Cid's nudity or his open lust, but by the way his heart leaped just a little, and his face became warm. He was no maiden, no virgin, no woman, no child. Why was he half afraid then, and half hopeful?
Keeping his face averted, he slowly rises from the table, and takes his time in coming around to Cid's side of the bed. He draws up to his side, and reaches out with one trembling hand to pet Cid's soft blonde hair.

"You have a strange notion about bacon and hashbrowns," he says quietly.

Cid doesn't pull Vincent in, but he wants to. Instead, daring, he dips his hand beneath his pants and lazily fingers himself.

"They can wait. I, on the other hand, had te put up with yer pretty body and pouty mouth pressed te me for a couple hours without bein' able te do anythin' about it."

Vincent's eyes drop to where Cid's big hand is fisted around his arousal, stroking it leisurely, patiently. His breath hitches. Strangely, he's put at ease; he's not sure why he needed to be, or what had done it, and isn't sure he cares.

"You could always take," he says. "As much as you like." He waits, wary of disturbing this strange mood.

"Ye were sleepin'; ye looked like ye need it," Cid states, unable to hide the concern in his voice. Then the seriousness is gone, and Cid suddenly reaches out and snatches Vincent up in his arms.

"...But ye aint sleepin' now."

Vincent lets himself be snatched up before he can respond to that.

"And now that I'm not, I have no doubt that you've some... devious... plan to keep me well-fed?" He asks, wishing his voice were less breathy, his face less flushed.

Cid rolls them over until Vincent - sprawled in his liquid kimono and dark hair - is beneath him. He grins down at his host.

"Is that what ye'd like? Which part of ye's hungry?"

Again, Vincent drops his eyes, and his mouth works soundlessly, suddenly very aware of the man stop him, of how frail and small his body seemed in comparison. Unbidden, the image of their sex in the bathtub comes to mind, how Cid had held him down, but then kissed him, and the feel of his cock pushing up inside him, the muscle seemingly too small, too tight to take his massive girth... but he had. Oh, he had. And it had felt so good...

And he'd cum. And last time...

Instead of answering, he puts his mouth to better purpose against Cid's, and begins to work his way down Cid's body.

The breath leaves Cid's body in a shudder as Vincent kisses his way down. He holds himself up on his forearms, the muscles at his back and shoulders bunched to allow the creature room to move. Blood pooled in Cid's groin with anticipation.

When after long minutes of torturously light, wet kisses he reaches Cid's hips, the blonde's cock is full and thick, bobbing in the open vee of his pants. In spite of himself, and his previous emotional hiccoughs, he feels his stomach growl with hunger, his mouth watering at the sight of his big cock.

He shoves Cid over onto his back, making it easier for them both, and makes himself comfortable between Cid's thighs. He strokes him leisurely, squeezing, taking his time to enjoy the feel of him, to stoke Cid's passion brighter, higher, hotter.

Cid's moaning softly by then, completely relaxed and worked-up at the same time. One hand rests on his belly, the other he lightly pets Vincent's hair with.

"Oh god Vincent, fuck yes, damn yer so fuckin' good, look so fuckin' amazin'..." Cid raises his head to look down his body at the creature.

Vincent raises his eyes to meet Cid's hazy ones as he takes the head of his dick into his mouth, and suckles it wetly, obscenely, still stroking his shaft.

Cid's hand on his belly fists, and his hips arch up. He bites his lip, pushing his head back againt the pillow and stifles a moan.

"..... Fuck.... like that...Yes..." His fingers curl in dark locks and tug.

Vincent moans long and low as Cid's tight grip in his hair coaxes him to swallow his dick all the way down to the root, his girth stretching his throat even as he struggled to gulp around him.

Cid bites out a harsh curse as he struggles to control himself, the feeling of sliding his thick length all the way down Vincent's throat is mindblowing.

He holds Vincent there, nose pressed to his groin, for a few seconds, just to better appreciate the feeling.

Then he leans back, and pushes back in.

Vincent lets him set the rhythm peaceably, gaping his mouth accomodatingly and only submitting to bobbing his head as much as Cid will let him. Saliva drools thick and warm from his mouth down Cid's shaft, down to Cid's balls, and before it can go cold Vincent's small hands go to his sac and begin to squeeze and tug and massage, feeling them grow tighter, firmer, and he knows, more sensitive as his arousal worsens.

And he is feeding now, he is, but... it's not nearly as important to him as the warmth of the pilot's big body, or his gently encouraging hand in his hair, all the little sounds he made, the way his body moved... he wanted Cid to like this. He wanted Cid to like him.

Cid's breathing becomes louder, harder, more eratic. The way Vincent can make him go from flacid to unbearably, throbbingly hard couldn't be healthy.

"Ffuuuu~uuuuuckk..." he whines, already feeling wired, falling apart, aching to spill himself down the greed throat, over Vincent's tongue and mouth and face.... "Vince, I ca-.. I can't hold on, much longer,,nggg christ..!"

Vincent shifts between Cid's thighs, limited in his motion by his trapped head and suffocated throat, but when Cid begs him like that, falls apart for him, goes weak for him... his cock throbs in answer, begging for some attention. His tiny little undulations are the only concession he's willing to make, praying that Cid won't notice, too caught up in his orgasm.
He goes against Cid's hold now, bobbing his head more deeply, moving a hand up to squeeze Cid's cock, stroking him up into his mouth, milking his orgasm from him urgently.

"Oh fuck Vincent, Fuck!" Cid cries out hoarsely and come, spilling himself over and over down the wicked, sucking mouth, his balls throbbing seed up through his cock, pulsing in Vincent's clever hand.

Vincent pulls back with a wet gasp, continuing to pump Cid's cock languidly, cruelly tugging the skin up hard and slow, letting the blonde's orgasm jet over his hand and mouth as he milk him.

Cid jerks, his muscles trembling in the amazing after affects of his orgasm, Vincent's sinful ministrations not helping the situation any.

He finally falls completely limp against the bed, pliable, the only thought in his head how utterly wonderful that had been.

Having eked out the very last droplets of Cid's orgasm, he sets his mouth to the trembling body, lapping and kissing and slurping up all of his cum like it were frosting, the tastiest stuff on the planet. He sees how much there is, and thinks about well it would have filled his belly, so thick, so much...

Leaving Cid moist and tender, he takes up Cid's cock again, and nurses it soothingly, humming contentedly about him.

Cid manages a weak laugh, finally gaining some semblance of thought, and pets Vincent's hair.
"... Damn persistant thing y'are. C'mere..."

Vincent reluctantly lets Cid's dick alone, tucking him carefully back into his pants and doing him up, before crawling over Cid's body, resting all his weight on the man and flooping on him bonelessly.

He folds his hands on Cid's chest, and rests his chin on them. "So. Hungry?"

Cid rolls them over, grinning down.

"You bet." He kisses Vincent, passionate and hungry, saying his thanks for the wonderful blow-job through the kiss.

Vincent melts beneath the kiss, going limp. The hands that had gone to push Cid back or pull him closer fall limply to the bed, but his mouth engages Cid's happily. He loves th way he feels when Cid kisses him like this. Doesn't want it to end.

Cid can't keep his hands to himself. He runs a hand down the soft curvy line of Vincents down, down his arm and waist and hip and thigh, over the lovely material of the kimono. Then he hitches the robe up, and starts to run his fingers up the inside of Vincent's thigh, beneath his clothing.

Vincent's breath catches, and he breaks from the kiss, looking down the length of his body. "Wh-at are you do-ing...?" He asks breathlessly, suddenly on guard, in spite of the pleasantly warm sensations Cid's touch brings him.

Cid doesn't stop, his fingers nearing Vincent's groin. "Don't ye wanna cum too? I wanna return the favour. Wanna make ye feel good, help take the edge off."

"No!" He shouts it before he can stop himself. "No, that is, I... can't we... can't we just do this? For a while?" He asks, more softly, ashamed of his outburst. He rubs his hands up and down Cid's bare arms, avoiding his eyes.

Cid withdraws his hand out of respect, realising how nervous he's making the creature. His expression is wrought with concern though.

"Vincent.... Vince," he nicknames, and lies down, pulling Vincent against him. "Ye gotta tell me what's goin' on. Why don't ye want me te make ye cum again? Did I... did I hurt ye somehow?"
Vincent takes advantage and burrows in against Cid tightly, to hide himself.

"No. No, you didn't hurt me. It's... it's complicated, Cid. It doesn't matter." His hands grasp at him though, as if to convince himself.

Cid pets Vincent's hair and back, soothing. He speaks softly, gently.

"It is important, Vincent. It don't make any sense. Why are still keepin' me at arms length?"
"Because if I let you any closer, you will hurt me," he says, and rolls his face into Cid's chest, denying the thickness in his voice.

Cid went to deny it, but stopped himself. Could he, could he really make assurances that were true? Just the other day he still suspected the creator of mind games, subterfuge and trickery. No matter how fond he'd grown of Vincent, he was still wary, because he didn't want to be here, and Vincent didn't want to let him go. With a situation such as they were in, how could Cid not end up hurting Vincent?

Cid sighed, and wrapped them up together under the blanket. "... It wouldn't be because I'd intentionally want te hurt ye," he says, finally, and it's the truth. "If ye never give it a chance, how do ye know the pain wouldn't be worth the benefit?"

"It never is," he says softly, glad to have gotten his way, to still be curled up with Cid - but stung all the same. It was his fault. He set himself up for this. He created this whole situation. It was all his own fault. It was unfair to expect Cid to genuinely have feelings for him - outside of those he had for everyone else. But still, he wanted...

Cid feels his heart break.

"... Ye've been hurtin' for a very long time, haven't you?" he murmurs against Vincent's temple.
Vincent doesn't reply. Just tightens his hold.

Cid tucks his finger under Vincent's chin, and raises the pretty face.

"And how has the years down here, broodin' alone, done te help that, eh? There's got te be a reason ye've kept me here when ye didn't need to. Let me help do what ye secretly want me te do, Vincent. I can't promise it wont hurt, but that's the sacrifice ye make fer love."

Vincent gently pulls away, burrowing back down. "I don't want anymore sacrifices. For you, or for me. No more hurt. No more sacrifice. This is good enough for me." Lies are good enough for me.

Cid sighed, frustrated, but what could he do?

"...At least allow yerselves some pleasure, some small leniences. Lemme make ye feel good, the way ye make me feel good. I don't feed of it quite the same way you do, but it still makes me feel good - knowing I can make ye cum."

Putting it that way, it didn't seem so unreasonable. Less selfish... less about him. It was for Cid - it made Cid feel good.

He lifts his head, and for a minute searches Cid's handsome face for something, and then leans in and presses his mouth to Cid's.

Cid doesn't question it, for himself or for Vincent, and helps Vincent forget everything and just to feel.

He tugs the lithe body against the front of his hard, broad one, almost squashing them together with a firm palm on the small of Vincent's back. It's like he's trying to meld them into one.
Cid kisses Vincent luxuriously, eating and lapping his mouth as he gently grinds against the smaller being, keeping it fairly chaste until he's sure he knows what Vincent wants.

The nymph groans into the kiss, satisfied, relaxing into it, and as Cid deepens the kiss, prying his mouth wide and noisily lapping inside, he rolls his body against Cid's, his hips rocking Cid's front as his white hands came up to Cid's face. He shuddered with anticipation, his breath coming quicker.

Cid's hand runs from Vincent's back down to the plush curve of his ass. He squeezes a globe firmly, pushing their groins together as their bodys rubbed.

"....Getting hard 'n' wet yet?" Cid asks in a soft, teasing growl against Vincent's mouth.

Vincent shudders, rocking up against Cid and back into Cid's groping hand demandingly. "Yes," he mouths against Cid's kiss, voice a hushed groan. "I was so hard when I had you in my mouth... when you were fucking my throat... I waited for you to yank my hair... to grab my head... to fill my mouth with your cum... wanted to swallow it all thick... into my belly..." His hand wanders down Cid's front, to his naked waist, clawing and scraping greedily, and finally slipping past his waistband and grabbing at Cid's strong ass.

Cid growls without meaning to at Vincent's clawing grip, and rolls them over, pinning Vincent down, squashing him into the furs on the bed. He hitches the kimono up the creature's pale legs, until there's enough room to force Vincent's legs apart, and slip a thigh between. He rubs his leg against Vincent's crotch, feeling the creature's erection there.

"Such a dirty mouth," he says hoarsely. "Felt so fucking good, to cram my cock down it. Like I died an' went te heaven... Maybe I did. That feel good?"

Despite having his legs spread so wide, he manages to buck up against Cid's strong thigh, the coarseness of his jeans too-too good on his tight balls and over-sensitive full cock. "Uh-huh," he breathes absently, distracted by the need to have more of Cid on him. "Do it harder, be mean..." This was too insubstantial, too sweet to be real. He needed urgency, hunger - needed to be wanted.

Cid runs a hand up and fists it in Vincent's hair, tugging sharply on the thick locks.

"Don't tempt me... I could hurt ye so easily... Mark yer pretty, perfect body as mine. Make sure ye never forget what I did, where I've been... Mine..." he growls, and bends down, biting at Vincent's neck, and none too gently, his leg visciously grindind against Vincent's cock and balls.

Vincent gasps sharply as Cid jerks his head back by his hair, tugging loose the combs and pins, his teeth biting into his flesh. His hands go to Cid's back, tugging him down tightly against him. "Do it," he demands hoarsely, throat bobbing in Cid's mouth. "Harder... deeper..." He growls, long nails digging maliciously into Cid's powerful back, recklessly trying to draw blood and goad him on.

Cid hisses at the sharp bite of nails in his skin. He bites harder into Vincent's throat, enough to mark and break the surface of the skin, before he leans back and rips the kimono from the creature's body, revealing the pale body in one savage action.

He moves back down, like a viper, and attacks a nipple while his large hand goes to pry apart Vincent's ass, pushing the ripe globes apart and plunging a thick finger up the tiny hole, followed quickly by a second. He scissor's the digits inside, stretching the passage, forcing Vincent loose.

Vincent yelps and cries out, writhing earnestly beneath Cid's powerful body, feeling helpless and overwhelmed - like this, he had no power. He was entirely and completely the victim. And the way Cid had him crushed, forced wide, fingered and stretched like a whore, bitten like a piece of meat... made him feel more alive and aroused than he ever had.

"God I want ye so bad," Cid snarls, stretching Vincent hard, pushing in a third finger and stretching them wide, in and out. "Gettin' hard again al-fuckin'-ready. Want in yer hot little ass now. Fill ye up from both ends. Do ye want that, Vince? Want me te fill yer belly?"

"Yes... oooohhhh, I want it, please.... yes..." He sobs, trembling with anticipation.

"Yeah," Cid growls, biting at Vincent's nipples, thoroughly ravishing the tight little hole with his hand. "I want it so bad too. Ye gotta work for it though, gotta work for it. Ye ready? 'M gonna put my dick in ye, but I aint gonna move. Ye want it, ye gotta fuck yerself on my dick."

Cid grins evilly and fumbles with his fly, pulling himself out of his pants again, fisting himself a few times, spitting on his hand to get some lubrication.

He sobs, breath hitching, his pretty face crumpling with frustration. "Oh God, please, please..." As Cid pulls back, he drops his legs back, folding them close to his body, his small hands delving between his wide-spread thighs and fingering his loose, gasping hole and fondling his tight sac and cock.

Cid doesn't wait too long, and pushing Vincent's hands away from the hole, and rests the swollen head of his dick there. He pushes in, slowly, to make it last, make it burn, make Vincent really want it.

And, just like he promised, once the head of his cock manages the breach the entrance, he stops moving, panting, and does nothing.

Vincent's breath shudders out of him, looking down the length of his body and seeing Cid's cock breach his body, feeling him do it.... and feeling how empty he was without the rest of him. He presses his feet to the bed, taking an inch as he does, and using that leverage, pushes up into Cid's pelvis, slowly taking his cock deeper, sucking him down into his body. His breath hitches, pale body flushed and eyes hazy.

Cid's muscles tremble, every instinct tellin him to push forward, thrust into that tight warm, dry squishy heat. But with a strength of will he didn't know he possessed, Cid resists, wanting to watch Vincent writhe and whimper and try and fuck himself on his fat cock.

"Yeah, like that Vince, just like that, fuck..." Cid encourages.

"H-oh God, too big... so big, oooohhhhh...." He sobs outright, thighs trembling as Cid's cock slides home inside him. Unable to resist, he presses a hand to his belly, amazed not for the first time by the feeling of being so utterly full, so stretched - surprised that he can't feel Cid's penis inside him from the outside.

Hesitantly, he rolls his hips against Cid, getting a little thrill with the way his ass collides so firmly with Cid's belly. He rolls his hips again, and again, struggling to get the depth, the power he craves.

"H-oh please, Cid, please...!"

Cid manages a hoarse chuckle, thrilled to be driving Vincent so wild; thrilled the pleasure, the want, wasn't all just coming from him.

"Lil' more Vince," he murmurs, struggling to hold himself up and not move, watching as Vincent's ass swallows his dick, over and over. "Lil' more, cause once I start I aint gonna be able te stop. Get nice an' lose fer me, little Valentine..."

Vincent keens, struggling, and continues to lever himself up and down on Cid's cock, relishing the feel of being stretched so tightly, the sex between them so desperately intimate by being so slow, so quiet... he needs more, he needs to be swept up...

Cid waits until he just can't bear it any longer. He scoops Vincent into his arms and pulls the tiny creature up, holding him against his chest. He rams up into the tight channel, over and over, licking and biting at Vincent's swollen nipples as he does so. His balls hang tight and heavy, but with each solid thrust draw up, tighter and tighter, more sensitive, prickling with the desperate need to once again cum.

Vincent clings to him and breathes a breath of relief even as he cries out at Cid's brutality, his demanding urgency... the way he tore at his swollen, over-sensitive nipples, and fucked his loose hole cruelly. It felt so good, so right, to be crushed in Cid's arms and fucked so hard and desperately.

Cid bounces Vincent hard up and down his thick cock, grunting from the effort. When he starts to get close to the edge, he pulls Vincent off and throws the creature onto the bed, sprawled on his belly. Cid lunges after and holds Vincent down by the back of the neck, and kicks his hips and ass up into the air. Then he pushes back inside the over-used hole and fucks Vincent hard, rutting against him like a dog in heat.

"Fuck yer amazin' Vince, fuck!" Cid slaps Vincent's ass hard.

Vincent screams as Cid shoves back inside him, slapping his ass, but it doesn't stop him from arching back up into Cid's thrusts like a bitch in heat, so incredibly aroused by the hand on the back of his neck he nearly cums at that second. As the tempo picks up, Vincent wails and claws at the furs.

"Ooooooh Goooood I'm gonna cuuuu~uuummmmm...!"

Cid fucks Vincent even harder, faster, pushing in as far as he can go, balls slapping the water nymph's ass. He tugs on Vincent's hair, arching the creature's neck back as he fucks him. He lets go briefly to brush a thumb over the head of Vincent's cock, down the length of it, and cup his balls, before taking his hand away, teasing.

"Cum fer me then. Cum without me touchin' ye Vince. Show me how much ye love it." And he slaps the ass again, even harder than before, and again and again, never slowing his violent pace.

Vincent wails, body coiling tighter, hanging on until his cock becomes too overwhelmingly full, too swollen, his ass too stretched -

- and cries out as he comes powerfully, his body bucking and tightening beneath Cid.

Cid cuts off a cry as Vincent's passage wrings cruelly about the length of his dick, the tiny body shaking and jerking hard beneath him. He bows over Vincent and manages to keep thrusting inside, short, jerking motions as he works towards his own completion.

Vincent mewls and clutches spastically at the furs beneath his hands, bucking and writhing against Cid, alive with the feeling of being inside this body, and having it broken and twisted and used. He doesn't want to come down until Cid's made good on his word and came inside him, filled his belly. He can't stand the tension - it's not over until Cid cums.

Cid can feel it, Vincent's anxiety and desire, and plays on it, holding off, holding off, enjoying using Vincent's body for his own pleasure for once. Forcing muscles to give to his desire, forcing Vincent to wait, feeling his cock and balls throb to the point of pain. And then, with a few last impressive thrusts into the weakening body beneath him, Cid buries himself inside the stretched anus and comes. He fills Vincent's insides with cum, his orgasm shattering and exhausting and spectacular. He still keeps Vincent pushed into the mattress as he fills the body up with his seed.

Vincent goes utterly limp and strengthless as Cid shoves him flat to the mattress and begins to pump him full of his seed. He pants, mewling, pleased to finally reach completion - not just for himself, but for Cid too. It was so perfect, this, all of this... out of control, a victim, helpless, but safe. Happy. Things he wasn't, things he wouldn't let himself be.

Cid can't stay up much longer after he finishes emptying himself inside the creature. He floops limply over the man's body, half sprawled, half cuddling, panting hard against Vincent's hair.
Vincent pants with him, shuddering like a horse ridden hard and put up wet, and feeling like it. He never wants to move from this position, crushed and cradled by Cid's big body, his cock nestled inside him, his cum inside him, his breath in his hair and across his face. Maybe, it wasn't a bad thing to enjoy this...?

"I love... this.." Cid says on a panted whisper, catching himself before he says anything hurtful. He reaches up a limp hand and pats Vincent's hair, kissing the soft head, and then lies there for a little while longer, regathering his strength.

Vincent swallows stickily, loving the affectionate attentions following on the heels of such exhaustingly brutal treatment. "Then stay," he gasps softly. He means atop him, inside him - but he thinks they both know he means more than that.

The half-statement, half-request snaps Cid out of his high. But strangely, it's not a rude awakening; not pleasant either, but... neutral. The thought of staying here, under the water, in this small cramped space, was not overly appealing. But the perks, and more than that, Vincent, made the offer sound not so bad. Especially if he could still go out. And perhaps, over time, he could gain more freedoms...?

Cid kisses Vincent's head again, and brushes the hair with his fingers. "I've already told ye I would," he reminds quietly.

"I know," Vincent says quietly. A promise he'd manipulated out of the man. He doesn't move, but says instead, "Your breakfast is getting cold."

No, Cid thinks, Vincent is NOT doing this again.

He rolls them onto their side, and carefully pulls out of Vincent. Then he climbs over the man and lies down so they'e face to face. "Though ye wanted me te stay," he says with a playful smile.

Vincent gives him a small smile that could even be called shy, his cheeks still flushed, mouth still swollen, black hair in disarray. "Thought you were hungry," he retorts, but doesn't mean it. He makes himself comfortable, curling up with his hands by his face.

Cid grins and doesn't respond. He tugs Vincent in close, and pulls a sheet up over them. He runs a hand down Vincent's back and to his ass, stroking his fingers over the plump mounds of flesh.

"Didn't hurt ye, did I?" He asks.

"Mhm," Vincent admits, his eyes falling shut as he curls against Cid. "Felt good..." He tenatively reaches out, and loops an arm over Cid's waist.

"Okay," Cid says with something like a sad smile. He snuggles the nymph to his front, and pets the fragile body, lettig them be lazy and doze for a while.


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